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Women's EURO 2022 schedule: All the matches

England kick off the tournament against Austria on 6 July at Old Trafford, with the final at Wembley on 31 July.

Women's EURO 2022 mascots Ashley, Robyn and Kai
Women's EURO 2022 mascots Ashley, Robyn and Kai Getty Images

UEFA Women's EURO 2022 hosts England kick off the finals against Austria at Old Trafford on 6 July with the final at Wembley on 31 July: see all the matches.

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Women's EURO 2022 groups

Group A: England (hosts), Austria, Norway, Northern Ireland

Group B: Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland

Group C: Netherlands (holders), Sweden, Portugal*, Switzerland

*Portugal replace Russia

Group D: France, Italy, Belgium, Iceland

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Women's EURO 2022 schedule

All kick-off times CET, local time is 1 hour behind

Group stage:

Wednesday 6 July
Group A: England v Austria (21:00, Old Trafford)

Thursday 7 July
Group A: Norway vs Northern Ireland (21:00, Southampton)

2017 highlights: Germany 1-2 Denmark

Friday 8 July
Group B: Spain vs Finland (18:00, Milton Keynes)
Group B: Germany vs Denmark (21:00, Brentford)

Saturday 9 July
Group C: Portugal vs Switzerland (18:00, Wigan & Leigh)
Group C: Netherlands vs Sweden (21:00, Sheffield)

Sunday 10 July

Group D: Belgium vs Iceland (18:00, Manchester)
Group D: France vs Italy (21:00, Rotherham)

2005 highlights: France 3-1 Italy

Monday 11 July
Group A: Austria vs Northern Ireland (18:00, Southampton)
Group A: England v Norway (21:00, Brighton & Hove)

Tuesday 12 July
Group B: Denmark vs Finland (18:00, Milton Keynes)
Group B: Germany vs Spain (21:00, Brentford)

Wednesday 13 July
Group C: Sweden vs Switzerland (18:00, Sheffield)
Group C: Netherlands v Portugal (21:00, Wigan & Leigh)

Denmark vs Finland over the years

Thursday 14 July
Group D: Italy vs Iceland (18:00, Manchester)
Group D: France vs Belgium (21:00, Rotherham)

Friday 15 July

Group A: Northern Ireland v England (21:00, Southampton)
Group A: Austria vs Norway (21:00, Brighton & Hove)

Saturday 16 July
Group B: Finland vs Germany (21:00, Milton Keynes)
Group B: Denmark vs Spain (21:00, Brentford)

Sunday 17 July
Group C: Switzerland vs Netherlands (18:00, Sheffield)
Group C: Sweden vs Portugal (18:00, Wigan & Leigh)

Monday 18 July

2017 highlights: Sweden 2-0 Russia

Group D: Iceland vs France (21:00, Rotherham)
Group D: Italy vs Belgium (21:00, Manchester)

Knockout phase


Wednesday 20 July
QF1: Winners Group A v Runners-up Group B (21:00, Brighton & Hove)

Thursday 21 July
QF2: Winners Group B v Runners-up Group A (21:00, Brentford)

Friday 22 July
QF3: Winners Group C v Runners-up Group D (21:00, Wigan & Leigh)

Saturday 23 July
QF4: Winners Group D v Runners-up Group C (21:00, Rotherham)


Tuesday 26 July
SF1: Winners QF1 v Winners QF3 (21:00, Sheffield)

Wednesday 27 July
SF2: Winners QF2 v Winners QF4 (21:00, Milton Keynes)


Sunday 31 July
Winners SF1 v Winners SF2 (18:00, Wembley)

Women's EURO 2022 venues

Brighton & Hove (Brighton & Hove Community Stadium)
London (Brentford Community Stadium & Wembley Stadium – final only)
Manchester (Manchester City Academy Stadium)
Milton Keynes (Stadium MK)
Rotherham (New York Stadium)
Sheffield (Bramall Lane)
Southampton (St Mary's Stadium)
Trafford (Old Trafford – opening game only)
Wigan & Leigh (Leigh Sports Village)