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2025 Under-21 EURO qualifying draw: See the groups

The draw has set the road to the finals in Slovakia.

The 2025 U21 qualifying draw
The 2025 U21 qualifying draw UEFA via Getty Images

The 2025 UEFA European Under-21 Championship qualifying draw has set nine groups with 52 teams competing for 15 slots alongside hosts Slovakia in the finals.

Group games will take place between March 2023 and October 2024, followed by play-offs the following month ahead of the final tournament in summer 2025.

2025 U21 EURO qualifying groups

Group A: Italy*, Republic of Ireland, Norway*, Türkiye, Latvia, San Marino

Group B: Spain*, Belgium*, Scotland, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Malta

Group C: Netherlands*, Sweden, Georgia*, North Macedonia, Moldova, Gibraltar

Group D: Germany*, Poland, Israel*, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Estonia

Group E: Romania*, Switzerland*, Finland, Albania, Montenegro, Armenia

Group F: England*, Ukraine*, Serbia, Northern Ireland, Azerbaijan, Luxembourg

Group G: Portugal*, Croatia*, Greece, Belarus, Faroe Islands, Andorra

Group H: France*, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus

Group I: Denmark, Czechia*, Iceland, Wales, Lithuania

*Competing at 2023 finals in Georgia and Romania from 21 June to 8 July.

  • The groups will be played between March 2023 and October 2024.
  • The nine group winners and the three best runners-up (not counting results against sixth-placed teams) will qualify directly for the final tournament in summer 2025 alongside hosts Slovakia.
  • The other six runners-up will play off over two legs for the remaining three finals berths in November 2024.

2025 U21 EURO qualifying match dates

Group stage
20–28 March 2023
12–20 June 2023
4–12 September 2023
9–17 October 2023
13–21 November 2023
18–26 March 2024
2–10 September 2024
7–15 October 2024
11–19 November 2024

2025 U21 EURO hosts: Slovakia

How the 2025 U21 EURO qualifying draw worked

  • Hosts Slovakia qualify directly for the final tournament in summer 2025.
  • The teams were classified on the basis of the coefficient ranking system established according to the regulations, Annex A.
  • The 52 teams were allocated into six pots as follows:
    Pot 6: teams ranked 46 to 52 (7 balls)
    Pot 5: teams ranked 37 to 45 (9 balls)
    Pot 4: teams ranked 28 to 36 (9 balls)
    Pot 3: teams ranked 19 to 27 (9 balls)
    Pot 2: teams ranked 10 to 18 (9 balls)
    Pot 1: teams ranked 1 to 9 (9 balls)
  • The teams were drawn into seven groups of six teams and two groups of five teams.

Draw procedure

  • The draw started with Pot 6 and ended with Pot 1.
  • Each pot was entirely emptied before proceeding to the next pot.
  • A ball was first drawn from Pot 6 to determine the team in sixth position of Group A.
  • The next ball was drawn from Pot 6 to determine the team in sixth position of Group B. The same procedure was repeated until all balls from Pot 6 were drawn and all sixth positions in Groups A to G were filled.
  • Then followed Pot 5 to determine the teams in the fifth positions of Groups A to I (in alphabetical order) until all balls from Pot 5 were drawn. Pots 4, 3, 2 and 1 each then followed in the same method to fill the fourth, third, second and first positions of Groups A to I (in alphabetical order) respectively.

Based on the UEFA Executive Committee decisions valid at the time of the draw, the following pairs of teams could not be drawn into the same group:

  • Armenia & Azerbaijan
  • Belarus & Ukraine
  • Gibraltar & Spain
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina & Kosovo
  • Kosovo & Serbia

All Russian teams are currently suspended from UEFA competitions until further notice in accordance with the decision taken by the UEFA Executive Committee on 28 February 2022 and as confirmed by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on 15 July 2022. Russia is therefore not included in the 2023-25 UEFA European Under-21 Championship.

2025 U21 EURO qualifying draw seeding pots

Pot 1: Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Netherlands, England, Denmark, Italy, Romania

Pot 2: Croatia, Switzerland, Belgium, Czechia, Poland, Ukraine, Sweden, Austria, Republic of Ireland

Pot 3: Norway, Greece, Iceland, Slovenia, Israel, Finland, Georgia, Serbia, Scotland

Pot 4: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Türkiye, North Macedonia, Wales, Belarus, Northern Ireland, Albania

Pot 5: Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova, Lithuania, Faroe Islands, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Latvia

Pot 6: Malta, Armenia, Luxembourg, Andorra, Estonia, Gibraltar, San Marino