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Women's Finalissima 2023, England vs Brazil: Brand identity, trophy

The Women's Finalissima is the latest instalment of the Finalissima brand, which emphasises the strong bonds between CONMEBOL and UEFA.

Women's Finalissima 2023 is the latest instalment of the Finalissima brand, which launched with the men's Finalissima in June 2022 and continued with September's Futsal Finalissima. The match will pit UEFA Women's EURO 2022 winners England against 2022 Copa América Femenina champions Brazil.

Unity and triumph are the inspirations behind the brand identity. The logo is based on the laurel wreath: a symbol of excellence and victory, of protection and growth. It is made up of ribbons in the colours of the competing nations – England's red and white, and Brazil's green and yellow – coalescing in unity around the distinctive trophy.

Is there a trophy for the Finalissima winners?

The trophy features two figures on either side representing the continents of Europe and South America, with the Finalissima icon prominently positioned where their hands meet. It is identical to the men's trophy Argentina lifted at Wembley in 2022, but with a white base compared to the men's black.

The launch of this fixture is the result of the long-standing partnership between UEFA and CONMEBOL, and of their commitment to the development of football beyond their geographical zones. It will serve as a catalyst for the global development of football – uniting countries, continents and cultures.

The brand also highlights the significance of a match between the best teams from the two continents. Among the ribbons that weave across the deep blue backdrop are several in platinum and gold, the most precious metals in the world.

Of course, come full time on 6 April, when England and Brazil meet in the Women's Finalissima at Wembley Stadium in London, only one team's ribbons will adorn the trophy.

Finalissima brand

Italy 0-3 Argentina, 1 June 2022

Futsal Finalissima
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Third-place play-off: Argentina 2-3 Paraguay, 18 September 2022
Semi-final: Argentina 0-3 Spain, 15 September 2022
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