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FedEx Performance Zone: how it works

The FedEx Performance Zone is tracking players' displays throughout the UEFA Champions League. Find out how.

Track player form with the FedEx Performance Zone

FedEx Performance Zone: how it works

Who are the stand-out players in this season's UEFA Champions League? Using a specially devised algorithm, the FedEx Performance Zone reveals all.

What is it?

The FedEx Performance Zone is tracking players' displays throughout the competition. Data from the UEFA Champions League is fed into a specially designed algorithm to create rankings based on performances, with updates every matchday.

The FedEx Performance Zone purely charts the displays of players and does not suggest that one player is better than another.

How it works

Every player is assigned a primary on-field position, where they are expected to play the majority of the time. The categories are goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards.

The data considered for each player is specific to their position. For example, clean sheets, tackles and attempts blocked are considered key statistics for defensive players, while goals, assists, crosses and passes are important metrics for midfielders and forwards.

The algorithm uses player stats to deliver updates after games are played, with the rankings updating live as the fixtures unfold.

Points are awarded in every match a player takes part and are added to their scores from previous games in the competition, meaning whoever has the most points across the whole season heads the rankings.


It is all about the UEFA Champions League. No consideration is given to players' showings for their national teams or in domestic competitions.

Performances in the group stage are weighted equally, although matches in subsequent rounds of the competition are weighted incrementally higher.